Corien Schellings - Procurement Manager

‘I was never into technology, but I’ve really found my vocation in the dynamic space world of Airbus DS NL.’

Corien Schellings never dreamed about spaceships. But she was bitten by the dynamic space bug nevertheless. She has risen to all the challenges that Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands has thrown at her for almost nine years now. “Each day is different. I work in a complex project environment, which means that I have to constantly shift my perspective between all the developments, needs and interests.”


Products at the leading edge of the technically feasible

“From the very first contact with our suppliers to the aftercare involved in the procurement of parts for the solar arrays on satellites, it’s my responsibility to ensure that everything arrives on time, on quality and on budget. Saying it like that makes it sound simple, but there’s more to it than you’d think. Most of the work is in the in-between phases, because product development is constantly in flux. We ask a lot from our suppliers. Not just in terms of knowledge and experience, but also in terms of maximum production capacity. It requires broad substantive knowledge, cast-iron communication skills and a sharp helicopter view.”


“The position I fulfil at Airbus DS NL really makes me feel at one with the company. I get to choose any challenge I want to take on. It’s very nice to work in an environment that gives you the space to take the initiative. About 60% of our products depend on contributions from suppliers. I therefore have to make sure that good relationships are maintained with them, and constantly keep an eye on their interests as well as on ours. As you can imagine, there’s always something to keep me busy.”


Energetic environment

“We’ve grown significantly in recent times. Two years ago, there were 12 of us in the office and now we’re 22. And a very nice mix of people, if I may say so. Juniors and seniors, all with a healthy Gyro Gearloose attitude. We’re busy restructuring our department to make it an even more well-oiled machine. From putting the right person in the right position to working out how the department can deliver optimum performance. The better the structure, the more efficient we can be.”


“Despite having such a busy job, I have learned not to take it home and to strike the right balance between work and my private life. My youngest child is a great help, in that respect. Occasionally, I need to phone our American supplier in the evening, but that’s no problem. Like I said, Airbus DS NL really makes me feel at one with the company. It’s a good employer, from excellent employee benefits to the extras, such as the fiscal scheme making it attractive to buy a bicycle. And with all the challenges the job brings, I’m right where I want to be.”


About Airbus DS NL

Over 300 professionals with a great passion for technology work every day at Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands at the limits of what is possible in one of the most challenging industries in the world: Space.

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