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From a small step to a giant leap
The door at Airbus DS NL is open to interns. Not to welcome them into delineated internship positions, but to receive students’ internship proposals. We like to leave the initiative in your hands. It makes each internship position unique and tailored fully to what you want to learn. It’s the ideal way to get your career in space off the ground. As an intern, we will assign you to an experienced employee who will supervise your time with us. From work-experience to thesis and research internships, Airbus DS NL is curious to find out what you’ve got to offer us. And, of course, we’d like to hear what you expect from us. Coffee, soon?

You can apply for an internship at Airbus DS NL by emailing your CV and a cover letter to We aim to get back to you within a month.


Would you like to know what an internship with us is like? Read all about the experiences of Marissa and Siddharth here.


An internship position at Airbus DS NL is well within the reach of non-technical students, too


Marissa Vacher and Siddharth Bharteeya


If you think that internships at Airbus DS NL are reserved for technical engineers only, think again! Marissa Vacher, with her background in molecular biology, is living proof of the contrary. “I was unsure of what to expect among all those engineers, but it turned out to be the perfect place to channel my ambition.” Siddharth Bharteeya is one of her intern colleagues who does have a technical background.

Different assignments in an international environment

Siddharth: “I research and analyse production technologies available on the market to see if they can be of use to Airbus DS NL. I do research, talk to staff about production processes and reach out to external parties who can tell me more about matters. It’s very different from what Marissa does. She’s working on a clearly defined project researching how Airbus DS NL should manifest itself organisationally in the space industry that’s becoming increasingly commercial.”

Marissa: “It’s typical of the opportunity afforded interns at Airbus DS NL. I was looking for an internship position in an international environment and close to home. So I decided to write a letter and within a short while, I’d found what I was looking for. Everything went very smoothly. What appeals to me is the international nature of my internship. The working language here is English, which is only logical, of course, considering that our customers are distributed across the globe and many employees are from abroad. It’s true of the interns, too, actually. I’ve met interns from Korea, Spain, India and Portugal, for instance. People from other cultures have a different take on the world and that inspires me. It makes me realise that some things can be viewed from a different perspective, opening my eyes.

Tailored supervision by helpful colleagues

Siddharth: “I’ve noticed that the people at Airbus are friendly, helpful and have a positive attitude. There’s a lot of mutual respect and as an intern, that’s very nice. I don’t feel like I’m a burden the department has to bear, but truly part of a team. My opinion is valued and that, in turn, is something I value hugely.” Marissa: “I’m given a lot of freedom, and sufficient supervision if I need it. Since I like working as independently as possible, I’m so glad there’s nobody breathing down my neck. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that. I’m given space and that’s great. And whenever I do need help, the people here go out of their way for me.”

Internship community

“At Airbus DS NL, they have a separate intern room where students sit together, working on their projects. It’s a very lively place, an international cultural melting pot. We’ve got a real, active intern community going on there.” Marissa: “We share lunch together, and sometimes our supervisors join us, too. And we regularly meet after work to socialise over some drinks. There’s even a WhatsApp group with all the interns in it. It all goes to show how involved everybody is.”

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