Faces of Airbus

Erika Velio – Product Assurance Engineer

"I get all the space I need to develop myself here."

A holiday to the Netherlands brought Erika Velio to Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands. After previous jobs at Arianespace in Kourou and Paris, she was given the opportunity to work at the quality department at Airbus. “I really appreciate the honesty and candour of my colleagues here."

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Stijn Mast – Trainee Engineering

“Working at Airbus is inspiring. Every day I learn something new.” 

Stijn Mast started as Trainee Engineering, over the period of 1 year he worked on different projects. Searching for solutions to complex problems is what Stijn enjoys the most of his work. All his life he has been happy to do so, now he can do it 40 hours a week and call it his job.

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Corien Schellings – Procurement Manager

“I was never into technology, but I’ve really found my vocation in the dynamic space world of Airbus DS NL.”

Corien Schellings never dreamed about spaceships. But she was bitten by the dynamic space bug nevertheless. She has risen to all the challenges that Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands has thrown at her for almost nine years now. “Each day is different. I work in a complex project environment, which means that I have to constantly shift my perspective between all the developments, needs and interests.”

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Marc Oort – Systems Engineer 

“Working at Airbus DS NL is like being a character in a boys’ book.”

When Marc Oort obtained his doctorate in the mid-80s, another academic assignment was the logical next step. But because his wife became pregnant at around the same time, his plans changed. “Had I wanted to stay in academia, I’d have had to travel the world over. And I didn’t want that with a small child in our lives. Instead, I found myself working here 31 years ago, after a tip from an ex-colleague, and I’ve never regretted the move for a single moment.


Oriol Montana - Work Preparer

“Working at Airbus is like working in a 10–in-one company.”

When Oriol Montana started at Airbus it was an empty production hall. They were literally camping in the canteen. However, it was a unique opportunity to start everything from scratch. 

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Karen van Dam – Manager Continuous Improvement 

“The space sector is in full swing. At Airbus, I get the opportunity to contribute to that change.” 

As manager Continuous Improvement Karen van Dam works on a culture of continuous improvement, how we can do the work faster and better from a corporate perspective, in order to operate more effectively. 

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Michel Rog – Director Operations

"Developing talent is essential to our future"

By exploiting talent to the max, Airbus DS NL aims to guarantee continuity in quality. Now and in the future. According to Director Operations Michel Rog, it is important to focus on professional development at an early stage. “By instilling awareness in talented colleagues, we open the door to them to grow into the highest positions within our organisation.”

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"An internship position at Airbus DS NL is well within the reach of non-technical students, too"
Marissa Vacher and Siddarth Bharteeya

If you think that internships at Airbus DS NL are reserved for technical engineers only, think again! Marissa Vacher, with her background in molecular biology, is living proof of the contrary. “I was unsure of what to expect among all those engineers, but it turned out to be the perfect place to channel my ambition.” Siddarth Bharteeya is one of her intern colleagues who does have a technical background.

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About Airbus DS NL

Over 300 professionals with a great passion for technology work every day at Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands at the limits of what is possible in one of the most challenging industries in the world: Space.

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